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Apostle Dr., Michelle McKenzie was born in Washington, D.C., the Nation's Capital. She studied at the Maple Springs Bible College and Seminary in Capitol Heights, MD for four years.  She is affirmed as an Apostle/Prophetess through her Apostle, Dr. Jacques Amilcar MD., who holds a BA in Theology. Apostle Michelle is deeply committed to Kingdom work and is an advocate for women's empowerment. She operates with integrity, and the spirit of excellence, and is completely devoted to Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ. She is filled with Holy Spirit and exemplifies the scripture Matthew 28:18-20 the sole purpose of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


For over 30 years Apostle Dr., Michelle McKenzie has had several encounters and conversations with God's preternatural agents and more importantly the Godhead. In May 1994, before pastoring, the Lord God Jehovah appeared to Apostle Michelle while she was worshiping. His image and presence were there. Father God spoke with her for 12 hours. The conversation started on May 20th, from 1:45 pm until May 21st, 1:45 am.

While Apostle Michelle would often see inside the spirit world, the 12-hour experience broadened access over her Life and Ministry. During the meeting, Father God mantled Apostle Michelle to govern in His Spirit world while walking out every day practical life. The impartation directly from Father God was designed for her to release His Apostolic Prophetic word in the earth realm. Father God revealed expressive features concerning her career in Ministry. She received an impartation to train others about the Spirit world where Father God dwells; to give insight on how to destroy spiritual barriers hindering moves of God for their lives; to teach others how to win the behind the scene hidden battles against the ruler of darkness.

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