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Digital Ministry is training made available for anyone who want to learn the correlation between the prophetic and supernatural power of God. There is no pressure during learning. It is a digital curriculum designed for students to learn at their own pace. You learn privately in your chosen location. You may use any device to view the training. Learners even use handheld devices.  Trainers explore the Bible for the intertwining of prophecy and the supernatural. The lectures are explosive and detail how these two Biblical forces did not originate on the earth but flow from the mind of God. There are also four essential programs available for those who want to garner documentation.  Certificates, degrees, masters, and doctorates are available 

through GIIMA Nonprofit Organization. 

Students Increase in their understanding of God’s supernatural Kingdom and its prophetic purpose. The curriculum is advanced in nature yet practical and applicable for everyday living. Classes are insightful and enjoyable and designed for the stay-at-home mom or dad, newly independent people, mature people, and people who are leaders in ministry and industry. Studies are to bring awareness to the correlation between the ancient power of the Lord God Jehovah, and the latter-day power of the Savior Jesus Christ. The former and the latter-day rain in Joel 2:23.


On January 19, 2016, Apostle Dr. Michelle McKenzie shared insight from Genesis 1:26 online. The insight received a great response, and she began to teach a global community. September 2016 Apostle Dr. Michelle was awakened from sleeping with the voice of God saying, God's International Interpretive Ministry. She launched online training classes according to Genesis 1:26 God's original dominion for mankind: the sea, air, and land. Father God instructed her to take the class to the Blue Ridge Mountains for 2017 graduation. During graduation, students experienced opened visions and visitations from the Godhead. The experience put a demand on Apostle Dr. Michelle from the community for more in-depth training. Extended classes were created in 2018 to meet the need and hunger of people.


June 2019 Father God instructed Apostle Michelle to host Pentecostal graduation on land. During the graduation, Holy Spirit was visibly seen falling on students and attendees.


In 2020, Apostle Dr. Michelle created Degree programs to be acquired. In October 2021, Father God spoke with Apostle Michelle this time concerning dominion over the sea. The class of 2022 has experienced a prophetic supernatural sealing on the Potomac River in the Nation’s Capital.


Today the Ministry offers Digital Training with an authentic curriculum created by Apostle Dr. Michelle McKenzie. It is advanced in prophetic supernatural training for practical everyday living.


2017 grads.jpg

Graduation in the Air



2019 grad.JPG

Graduation on Land




Graduation on the Sea

(3 Hour Cruise)


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