After the oral examination in coaching rooms and the study of training videos for 9months, students will take an additional 5months of chosen videos to rereview, in the correlation between the Bible and Apostle Michelle McKenzie's book on the supernatural to write a 15-page dissertation on what they learned about the correlation of the prophetic and supernatural power of God.

Doctorate Degrees require 14months of study through GIIMA. Candidates for a doctorate at GIIMA will express understanding of the course materials for 9months. Prove through dialogue the gain of advanced understanding of course material. Answer a one hundred Biblical question survey. Allow an evaluation for the long haul of ministry for the purpose of providing higher levels of the teaching of the prophetic and the supernatural.



There are no set dates or times for the video training. Students may study any video at any time of the year. The no set dates and times. Students study effectively at their own pace from anywhere. Students can use any electronic device to access the video training. And may even study through handheld devices. To access video training simply click on the video $ you want to view. Enter your email or create a student email profile. Follow the prompts to pay tuition. There are no contracts to sign allowing students to study as they pay. NOTE: classes are uniformly marked for the purpose of awareness of graduation times (e.g. early April). awareness of graduation times (e.g. early April).


It is not mandatory for students to be present during the live training classes. Students may send questions through the website email portal. Live coaching classes are recorded with answers to the questions. An audio version is made available for students to hear their names and questions answered. If students desire to enter the live coaching classes, they do so by clicking the coaching button. The coaching classes are marked with the month, day, and hour when teachers are present. This allows students to interact with the teacher and to ask questions about the studied video. The system notifies the training where each individual student is in their study allowing coaches to respond appropriately to learners.  

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