Certificate achievements require 5months of study through GIIMA. This is the equivalent of 15 classes. To be taken at anytime of the year. Students chose which 10 classes they desire. Chosen classes along with 5 coaching rooms will nurture student’s competency of the prophetic supernatural correlation of the Old and New Testament.


Diploma achievements require 9months of study through GIIMA. Studies will engage students in proven Biblical scientific development that move away from traditional models of ministry training. Students will develop deepening of knowledge of the invisible God and His invisible kingdom as written in 1 Timothy 1:7: It’s coupled with everyday practical living as demonstrated throughout the scriptures. 


Doctorate Degrees require 12months of study through GIIMA. Candidates for doctorate at GIIMA will express understanding of the course materials throughout 9months. Prove through dialogue the gain of advanced understanding of course material. Allow an evaluation for the long haul of ministry for the purpose of providing higher levels of teaching of the prophetic and the supernatural.



After the oral examination in coaching rooms and the study of training videos for 9months, students will take an additional 3months of chosen videos to rereview, in correlation of the Bible and God’s Generals written by Dr. Roberts Liardon; the first edition to write a 15-page dissertation on what they learned about the correlation of the prophetic and supernatural power of God.