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I am excited that you have considered training and partnering with Michelle McKenzie Ministries. Our training and partnership consists of development training, prophetic supernatural teachings, and increased knowledge of the Word of God. We both share in the benefits such as when someone calls or writes to say: "I am being empowered with the prophetic supernatural increase, or I was able to break the cycle of my personal struggle". Your Biblical partnership will also help me release the teachings of the prophetic supernatural words of YHVH Jehovah, Yeshuah Jesus Christ, and the Empowerment Holy Spirit globally, locally, and digitally.

Once again thank you for your consideration and
I look forward to partnering with each of you.



Through the Patreon App, Biblical Partners can expect to be part of a digital video community. View and study videos on prophetic

supernatural training in the Bible.

As always with digital learning here at MM Ministries, there are no set dates

or times. You join at the beginning of the month and view uploaded monthly material throughout the month. This allows you to learn at your own pace.

Learning will be insightful and enjoyable. Apostle Dr. Michelle McKenzie will help

you learn to connect with the portal's gates and doors of Heaven to create an atmosphere for God to move in and

out in your personal atmosphere.

Establish personal assignments to the community

Preparing as worshipers to deploy as spokespersons on prophetic supernatural Biblical patterns.

Understand how to operate prophetically supernaturally in this season in the marketplace.

When you become a Biblical Partner, you also become a Representative to facilitate and minister during in person and online meetings.


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