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Tuition Explained


Video Training Pricing Has Change


Understanding The Tuition Process

Full Tuition is $1,000.00 for the year.

Tuition is paid weekly for the convenience of students. And for students to maintain the accuracy of payments and classroom status. There are no registration fees.

There are no exams to take. Student 

pay only for each class taken. 


Monthly Transaction fees ​

There is an additional $5.00 

transaction fee for each video. The $5.00

is included in the tuition pricing. This

is a processing fee that does not

associate with the ministry.

Zoom Room Live Class Coaching

Remember there are no set times.

However, the Zoom room coaching

is made available for students who

want to engage with the instructor. Coaching rooms are marked with

dates and times when the instructor

is available. For unattended students, questions are allowed to

be sent through email

( Students who

attend the Zoom room coaching will be engaged by the instructor and, 

unattended students will have their questions answered and addressed

during the recording. The recordings

are uploaded and made available

for each student.


How And When Study Begins 

There is no set date or time for a student

to enter the academy. Any student may

start attending the Academy in any

month, on any day, and at any time. Introduction to the Academy is on 

Keys to the Supernatural

Master Class

There are fourteen videos for students

to study over the course of nine months. Seven of the videos are master classes.

While all videos are extensively

researched on the prophetic and the supernatural for Biblical and ministry academia: these masterclasses

are geared for high octane on prophetic supernatural training. Tuition payment

for these masterclasses is $45.00 each.

 Live Coaching Rooms 

This coaching room is an assessment

of studied video classes. Students are coached to bring out the potential on

what they should focus on individually.

This coaching room is also the

beginning of developmental learning

on God's hidden world. (e.g.)

Gates, doors, and portals. Tuition

for live coaching is $35.00 each.


The First Half of Training

This is the beginning stage of understanding Biblical gates

doors and portals which the prophets experienced. Students study two

consecutive videos. On the 3rd Thursday

of the month, students may enter a live coaching room for the review of the

studied video. The coaching rooms allow

for students to engage in the correlation

of the language of the prophetic power 

of God and His supernatural realm.

During these months' tuition is $115.00

a month. Bringing the tuition total for

these months to $460.00

The Second half of the Training

These are the masterclasses. Here is

where we engage in deeper realms of knowledge of the supernatural.

The masterclasses coaching rooms are

done on the 2nd and 4th Thursday

of the month. Here is how the process

works. In the first week of the month,

students will review a video. On the

second Thursday of the month, students enter the Zoom room coaching hour. We review the studied video. The third-week students study a more aggressive video of the prophetic supernatural Biblical Power of God. On the fourth Thursday

of the month, students enter the Zoom

room coaching hour. We review the

studied video. These advanced classes are

where students should be becoming

more aware of the prophetic

supernatural Biblical process.

Tuition for these months is $160.00

each, brining tuition total for these

months to $480.00.

Eighth Month of Training

We return to hands-on for the

final two weeks in live Zoom room

coaching and training to review

the year of study. We engage in

prophetic supernatural discussions

helping students clarify the continuation

of consecration.

Making tuition $70.00 for the

final month of training.

This brings the total balance

of yearly tuition to $1000.00.

Ninth Month of  

The final month in the Academy

is graduation month. This is the

birthing month and usually occurs in

April.  Students will graduate based on their chosen GIIMA program (e.g.) certificate, diploma, or doctorate. A ceremony is held at a physical location

for activation of personal ministry. 



 Step 1. Pay the $40 one-week tuition for video access. This includes the $5.00 transaction fee. Remember the transaction fee does not associate to the ministry. The Wix system allows 72 hours to study each video. Please be aware the 72 hours for streaming starts immediately upon tuition payment.


Step 2. The second step is to

repeat step one.

Step 3. There is a coaching button marked with a Thursday of the month. We meet on Zoom at 8:30pm for supernatural engaging and coaching. Zoom codes are automatically generated upon payment of $35.00 tuition.


Coaching is to help you better understand your connection to the Spirit world where Father dwells. It is an intense hour 1/2 where supernatural experiences (e.g.) dreams and visions are discussed; to bring clarity and awareness to the functionality of your gift; and how your gift comes from the Spirit realm into the earth realm.  


Repeat this process for 8months

to graduate in the 9th month




To acquire a Master's degree, students must take an additional three months to re-review their choice of three videos. The three months also include other training in the academy. Please see

the master's degree page for further



To acquire a Doctorate degree, students must take an additional five months to re-review their choice of five videos. The five months also include other training in the academy. Please see the

doctorate degree page for further


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