Understanding The
Tuition Process




Full Tuition is $1, 050 for the year.

Tuition is paid weekly for convenience of students. And for students to maintain accuracy of payments and classes room status.


The first month’s videos are Master Classes and are $65.00 each. The coaching rooms are $35.00 making first month’s tuition $165.00. Tuition payments drops to $115.00 monthly for the remaining months.


The two Master Classes prepares students to comfortably engage the prophetic supernatural realm where Father God dwells Biblically. While all videos are extensively researched on the prophetic and the supernatural for Biblical and Ministry academia: these first two are Master Classes and are geared for Bootcamp trainings.


The remaining months of tuition for  $115.00 monthly is paid through a weekly system. Students comfortably make weekly payments of $35.00:


Monthly Transaction fees $10.00

There is an additional $5.00 biweekly transaction fee for video processing which do not associate to the ministry. After first month's tuition of $165.00, tuition will drop to $115.00 plus the additional $10.00 a month transaction fee for seven months. During the final month, which is the last month, there are no transaction fees to be made. There are only two classes during that month. These two classes are the Live Coaching Zoom Room Trainings. Making tuition for the ninth and final month $70.00. Diploma processing administrative fee is $10.00. This is what make total tuition $1,050.00.

What to Expect After Weekly Tuition Payment?


After a tuition payment is made the

video link is open for study. Student’s study

effectively and conveniently

from anywhere. Students may even study through handheld devices.


How to Enter

Zoom Room Live Class Coaching

Students click the link on video training page marked 3rd Thursday monthly. Make the payment of $35.00 to receive the link that allows for entering Zoom room coaching.

 This is done every third

Thursday at 8:30pm Eastern Time.




The first week of the month go to the video library.  

 Step 1. Pay the $40 one-week tuition for video access on the first Thursday of the month. This includes the $5.00 transaction fee. Remember the transaction fee does not associate to the ministry. The Wix system allows 72 hours to study each video. Please be aware the 72 streaming starts immediately upon tuition payment.


Step 2. Repeat step one.

Step 3. The third Thursday of the month is the coaching hour. There is a red button marked 3rd Thursday Monthly in each months video training. We meet on Zoom at 8:30pm for supernatural engaging and coaching. Zoom codes are automatically generated upon payment of $35.00 tuition.


Coaching is to help you better understand your connection to the Spirit world where Father dwells. It is an intense hour where supernatural experiences (e.g.) dreams and visions are discussed; to bring clarity and awareness to the functionality of your gift; and how your gift comes from the Spirit realm into the earth realm.  


Repeat this process for 9months

to receive your diploma